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Section 9.    CHECK LIST 


Now that you've read this guide completely and know the right way to make gel candles,
you need to experiment, practice and test.  Once you have ample experience with them,
use the checklist below to double check and make sure you are in full compliance with all of the safety rules and are making safe gel candles.

Safe Gel Checklist:
I use only certified Penreco Versagel™ (U.S. Patent No. 5,879,694).
I use only Fragrance Oils with a flash point over 170° F. 
I use only Non-Polar fragrance oils & each batch is tested for polarity. 
No more than 5% fragrance has been added in Medium & High density gel,
and no more than 3% in Low density gel.
The fragrance oil has been mixed in VERY thoroughly. 
I use only heat safe glassware or containers that have been safety tested.
I use only wicks with an extended neck length of at least 6mm or 10mm.
I use only non-flammable decorative embed items in any part of the gel that could
come in contact with the flame, and these embeds have been safety tested.
Any possibly flammable objects are protected by an inner glass and cannot come
in contact with the flame.
I label each candle with the proper caution labels.
Each new batch of candles is thoroughly test burned for safety before being sold.

If you are in full compliance with this list, you qualify for the Safe Gel seal of approval (coming soon)!  We will soon be adding a form to this site that will be required before being approved and being sent the logo to put on your site.  If approved you will also qualify for a listing in our upcoming Gel Candle Mall !

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