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Section 8.    TESTING 



Test your fragrances -
Fire test your embeds -
Test glassware for heat safety -
Test burn your finished candles -
Label your candles -

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Penreco's Stance on Polarity Testing
The following is information posted by Edward from Penreco in answer to the recent questions about polarity testing.

There has been quite a lot of talk recently about the polarity test. Who came up with it? Is it accurate? Why do it? What does it really mean? I will try to keep this short and simple. The test was developed by our labs with input from fragrance houses to design a simple test for the polarity of fragrances with mineral oil, the predominate material in candle gel. Polarity and flash points of the fragrance oils have been identified as the main cause for candle gel fires. We have been able to produce candles that flare in our labs and have conducted reviews of the remains of candles given to us that flared. Polarity and over scenting were the main culprits. The tests of one part fragrance oil/3 parts mineral oil and 3 parts fragrance oil/one part mineral oil is conservative, simple and accurate test for polarity. This is what we wanted, to design  something anybody could do. If the fragrance you are testing separates or creates haziness in either of the two blend ratios, then there is a chance that there is some polar structure to it. For safety reasons we wanted a conservative, simple test and that is why it is done with mineral oil, not gel. Fragrances themselves are complex chemicals and there are numerous vehicles that are used as carrier oils. A simple test for a complex chemical needed to be designed and that is what the polarity test is. Obviously Penreco wants to see this market continue to grow, we have committed capital and resources to our gel business for 10 years now. We have been producing and marketing gels for over 9 years. We feel the candle gel market is no fad, and we plan on supplying candle gels for many more years to come. Because of this we are committed to the safety of the consumer. A fail proof polarity test is part of the overall package of safety factors that we feel needs to be passed on to the industry. There are a number of companies that have been started to serve and supply this industry, that is great and we applaud and welcome their efforts. But the safety information that we pass on has been developed over several years and with help from many. If you want to see more on the safety and handling of Penreco candle gels you can visit our web site at www.penreco.com. 

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