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Section 6.   EMBEDS IN GEL


Section 6.  EMBEDS

It is critically important that only non-flammable items be used as decorative embeds in gel candles!  Items such as seashells, glass figures or marbles, sea glass, stones, ceramic figures and wax embeds are fine in gel candles.  Items such as cinnamon sticks, silk flowers, plastic figures, some resin figures, potpourri, dried fruit, etc. are NOT safe to put in gel candles!
Sand is often used in the bottom of the popular seascape gel candles, but it is important to remember to stop burning seascapes BEFORE the flame hits the sand at the bottom!  We encourage the use of a wick safety sleeve or "Flame Stopper".  This can be any small metal tube (jewelry supply shops should have something similar) that fits over the wick and slides down to the point where you want the flame to stop, and then is crimped with pliers.  (Bitter Creek is in the process of having these developed and will carry them in the near future!).  It is still important to label your product with instructions on proper use, and make sure to tell your customers how to burn their candles safely, but remember that many times (unfortunately) people don't take the time to read caution labels or instructions, and they don't take our warnings seriously.  So we have to be responsible candlemakers and take steps to ensure the safest products possible for everyone's benefit!

Another safety method is "double glassing".  This involves using a large container (such as a fish bowl) and placing a smaller clear glass container inside (such as a standard 3 oz. straight sided votive glass).  Place your decorative embed items or beach scene in the outer bowl around the votive glass, and fill with clear unscented gel.  Wick the inner glass and fill that with your scented gel.  The inner glass keeps the candle contained and keeps the flame from ever coming in contact with the decorative embeds, thus making a safe and refillable candle!  Customers can bring these back for refills, or you can make pre-scented gel chunks and package them in a baggy with a wick and sell as do-it-yourself refills!




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