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Section 1.  ALL ABOUT GEL


Section 1.  GEL

Candle gel is made of 95% mineral oil, and 5% polymer resin.  This resin is a powder that, when mixed with the mineral oil, transforms it to a more solid state.  Very similar to Jello!
Penreco is the company that manufactures the gel and holds the patent on this technology.  This is the only brand of gel I recommend using because of it's quality and consistency.  Versagel comes in 3 types:  CLP (low density), CMP (medium density) and CHP (high density).
The thicker or more dense the gel is, the more fragrance oil it can hold.

Which type of gel do you need?
Well that depends on the candles you want to make.  For a plain, light to moderately scented candle, the CLP is all you need.  The CMP is a little thicker, and will hold more fragrance for a heavier scent.  The CHP is the thickest gel and will hold the heaviest scent load.  It is also the one you need if you plan to use any suspended embeds (such as glass fish, glitter, etc.).  The thicker the gel, the longer it takes to melt, and the harder it is to pour.  Remember that gel takes longer to melt than paraffin waxes, so patience is required. 




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